M25 eco protest delays left my mum paralysed from stroke, devastated caller tells LBC

18 September 2021, 09:27 | Updated: 19 September 2021, 00:08

Caller details shocking story of delay because of Insulate Britain

By Seán Hickey

This devastated caller tells LBC his mother has been left partially paralysed from a stroke, after being delayed six hours in traffic by climate protesters.

"I was caught for about six hours in traffic. I was doing a mission of mercy to help my mother," caller Chris told Andrew Pierce.

The caller spoke to LBC days after climate action group Insulate Britain blocked traffic on the M25 to raise awareness for the ecological crisis.

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Home Secretary Priti Patel pushed law enforcement to take "decisive action" on such protests in future, branding Insulate Britain "selfish" for disrupting the lives of people so drastically.

Police quickly redeemed themselves by cracking down hard and fast on protests on Friday.

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He told LBC that he took it upon himself to drive his mother to the hospital after she suffered what paramedics thought was a stroke. He drove himself because of ambulance delays and the on-site doctor being hit with severe delays due to traffic.

The caller told Andrew that he was stuck on the M25 for six hours due to delays caused by the Insulate Britain protests.

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"I was there with my mother for six hours watching her slip away, and I could do nothing."

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He went on to share the horrendous news he was presented with after finally reaching the hospital.

"When we got her to the hospital, the doctors said if we were to have gotten to them within 90 minutes, her symptoms, her recovery would have been minimal."

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"Because she'd been left to endure a stroke for six hours she's got complete paralysis now down her left side" he told Andrew.

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"I am so angry and so upset – this didn't need to happen", the caller concluded.