Eco protesters defend M25 disruption and tell critics to 'look at bigger picture'

17 September 2021, 19:58 | Updated: 17 September 2021, 23:52

An Insulate Britain member spoke to LBC about the M25 disruption
An Insulate Britain member spoke to LBC about the M25 disruption. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

Eco-protesters Insulate Britain believe anyone criticising their M25 demonstrations should "look at the bigger picture".

An activist has now admitted to LBC that the disruption could have harmed the climate movement.

The group caused outrage this week as its activists blocked the busy motorway, with frustrated commuters complaining they were trying to get to work or missing vital medical appointments.

Police have made arrests and dragged the group's activists from the highway but they have pledged to keep coming back/

LBC's Andrew Pierce asked Tracey Mallaghan, who is part of Insulate Britain, about people who failed to get to cancer appointments because of the protests.

"My heart is broken at the terrible dilemma I find myself in," she said.

But she claimed: "I have greater fears over what our children are facing – a billion children are in threat now, over 8,000 people die in Britain every year because they have to choose between heating or eating.

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"I would be furious (if my commute was disrupted) but I hope people can look at the bigger picture here Andrew, we're code red for humanity."

The group has demanded the Government pay for insulation in all social homes by 2025.

But its approach to activism has been angrily received, with Home Secretary telling police officers to take "decisive action" against "selfish" protesters when they cause disruption on the M25.

When it was put to Tracey that the protests were hindering the climate movement, she admitted: "You might be right, I don't know what the exact thing to do is, I can't believe I find myself in this situation… but I've looked at what the Government has done.

"If we all got on the same page we could fight this but we're not even in the same book."

She then accused Andrew and the media of driving resentment to the protesters, which Andrew said had been brought on by the group itself.

Tracey went on to say the Government should present a "meaningful plan" and start fixing climate issues by insulating homes.

"As soon as our government makes a meaningful statement that they'll get on with insulation to reduce our emissions, to create good jobs that people can be proud of and to stop people dying… we will get out the roads," she said.