Camilla Tominey hits out at 'disturbing stench' public feels around politicians

5 December 2021, 18:52

'What is this kind of stench around politicians?' Camilla asks

By Tim Dodd

Camilla Tominey hit back at the results of a poll showing that trust in politicians has fallen, as she asked what is behind the "disturbing stench" surrounding politicians.

It comes as figures show trust in politicians to act in the national interest rather than for themselves has fallen dramatically since Boris Johnson became prime minister.

A YouGov poll found that when David Cameron was prime minister, 48% of voters believed politicians were "out for themselves" which increased to 63% after the Owen Paterson scandal.

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"What is this kind of stench around politicians?" Camilla asked.

"I just think it's a bit disturbing, because we elect these people to serve the public, it's a pretty difficult job... and my goodness, they do put in the hours.

'If people don't see democracy working, they'll become radicalised.'

"I appreciate that with everything that's gone on in Covid and with all of this suspicion around contracts being awarded for PPE, and the Paterson affair, that there's a lot of people thinking that actually they've lost faith in politics completely, but I do think that there are some MPs out there that do a very good job."

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Camilla continued: "Isn't this a bit cynical? Shouldn't we have a bit more faith and respect for people who have given up other careers to serve the public?

"It's not easy to be an MP. Especially if you're a woman."

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