Dame Louise Casey: Consequences For Migrants Not Learning English

8 July 2018, 15:08 | Updated: 8 July 2018, 21:41

Dame Louise Casey, who led a review into opportunity and integration in isolated communities, says there should be consequences for migrants who don't learn English.

The Dame said that she would want to see a values class to each everything "from the footy team to Pride on the streets of London".

She told Kevin Maguire the two events on Saturday "spoke volumes about the vast majority of people who live here", and that "if people don't want to sign up for that, then basically I also agree that if they're not prepared to learn English and work then there should be consequences."

"What are these consequences? Withdrawal of financial support, or would it see you removed from the country?" Kevin asked.

"Removal from the country is crazy," she said. "We've got to be really careful not to plat to far-right extremism or Islamic extremists."

Kevin Maguire
Picture: LBC

"Of course if people want to take benefits there are conditions anyway, like you have to try to find a job.

"And I think in order to try and find a job, you have to be able to speak English. And therefore we need to be more robust with people who are receiving benefit that yes, they need not only need to take classes in English, but actually they need to tackle some of the cultural barriers if they're in play as well."