The brilliant new tools being created to help beat coronavirus

15 April 2020, 14:47

By Adrian Sherling

A disinfectant robot and ventilators built from a windscreen wiper motor are just two of the amazing new products being created from a project called Global Hack.

Darren Adam spoke to Chess Grand Master Garry Kasparov, who is closely involved with the Global Hack project and he said it was about trying to speed up the innovation around key products that can help us win the battle against coronavirus.

Items which have been funded having started live in Global Hack include:

- a cheaper method of providing ventilation to patients in need using a windscreen wiper engine

- a disinfectant robot to safely go into infected areas

- a solar-powered light disinfectant machine

Garry Kasparov explained how the Global Hack can help beat coronavirus
Garry Kasparov explained how the Global Hack can help beat coronavirus. Picture: PA / UVD Robotics

Garry told LBC: "It's about a short cut. In the modern world, it's over-bureaucratic. There's so many levels of venture capital tests, so very few ideas actually make it to the top.

"Now at a time of crisis, it can be fast. You can make a presentation and Global Hack will reach out to those who can make it materialise."

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