David Lammy's Response To Caller Who Asked Why He Won't Quit Labour Over Anti-Semitism

1 June 2019, 11:01 | Updated: 2 June 2019, 14:06

David Lammy gave a powerful response to an LBC listener who asked why he won't quit the Labour Party over the anti-Semitism row.

The Labour MP for Tottenham was asked by the caller why he was still a member of the Party if his views 'don't accord with theirs'.

Pete said that: "They dismiss you, they ridicule you. If your views don't accord with theirs, then they they're totally discounted."

But in a powerful reply, Mr Lammy outlined exactly why he wants to remain within the party.

Labour MP David Lammy in the LBC studio
Labour MP David Lammy in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

I'm in the Labour Party through good and bad.

It's tough, and I'm afraid I've got to be honest, I found it very tough in those European Elections because I knew and I warned that the message we had going into them was the wrong one.

"And it's really tough to see the anti-Semitism that's gripped the party because I'm someone who has fought racism and any type of discrimination all of my life.

"Through ups and downs, I'm sticking with it on behalf of my constituents but I don't say it's always easy, and at times it has felt a little bit lonely and deeply, deeply worrying.

"But we are a broad-church, we are a family and I believe you've got to stay in it and fight, and if nothing else, I'm a fighter."

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