David Lammy's Passionate Message To Lib Dem Leader Over Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit Offer

15 August 2019, 11:05

After Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson refused to back Jeremy Corbyn's plan to stop a no-deal Brexit, David Lammy had an important message for her.

The Labour leader launched his bid to stop no-deal Brexit last night, writing to opposition parties and Tory rebels to urge him to back his vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister and install him as a temporary caretaker until he calls a General Election.

Ms Swinson gave the idea short shrift, labelling it "nonsense".

But standing in for James O'Brien, Labour MP Lammy told her that If she could support the Conservatives for five years in the coalition, then she can back Corbyn for a five weeks.

He said: "I thought that response was churlish.

"Surely if you can work with the Conservatives in a time that you say needs austerity, then you must be able to work with Jeremy Corbyn if only for a few weeks to prevent a no-deal Brexit."

David Lammy had a message for Jo Swinson
David Lammy had a message for Jo Swinson. Picture: PA / LBC

Mr Lammy has previously been very critical of the Labour leader over his response to Brexit, but he admits to being impressed by the move.

He added: "I thought it was a bold and important move.

"I've been critical in the past that Labor have not been present enough in this debate and I've certainly been critical that Jeremy Corbyn has not led from the front.

"But without doubt, next month when you come back from summer, we will be into a constitutional crisis here in this country and in parliament.

"And the key thing is do you want a no deal Brexit or not? And I've got to tell you, I don't want to a no-deal Brexit, because I think would be disastrous for our economy."