David Lammy reveals Russian bots use his tweets to create division in the UK

3 August 2020, 11:00

By Adrian Sherling

David Lammy has told LBC that Russian bots are using his tweets to sow division in the UK - and it's still happening now.

David was talking about the power of social media and Donald Trump vowed to ban TikTok in his row with China.

Speaking on LBC as he stood in for Ian Payne, he said: "I know for a fact that some of my tweets, particularly post the Brexit referendum, some of my tweets where I am discussing issues of race which are important to my constituents, they are deliberately dumped in front of people who don't share my views and weren't even following me.

"But they are dumped in front of them to wind up the debate and cause unnecessary division.

"I've seen the Russian bots doing it.

David Lammy talks about Russian bots "winding up" the debate in the UK
David Lammy talks about Russian bots "winding up" the debate in the UK. Picture: LBC

"I've spoken to experts on these bots on how they work. And it's still going on today, despite the fact that we know it's deliberately manipulating our democracy to wind us all up, to make us all so partisan.

"And to drive us away from finding the common ground."

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