Caller's devastating account of ruined Christmas amid new restrictions

19 December 2020, 19:27

Caller's harrowing story puts tier 4 into perspective

By Seán Hickey

This shared his harrowing story with David Lammy of how Christmas has been cancelled for his family, leaving his ICU consultant wife reeling.

Matt phoned in from Harrogate to explain that because new rules only allow people to mix only Christmas Day, he and his wife will miss out on their festive celebrations.

The caller explained that because "Christmas day is the only available day you can mix, we can't even do that now," as his wife is working through the period, and they planned to have Christmas on the 23rd.

"We've got nothing, and she's really upset."

The caller told David that their celebrations were the only thing his wife was looking forward to, and now she is distraught.

David wondered if the caller's NHS worker wife "expressed concern with this new variant" of Covid-19 which has been tipped as the reason for tighter restrictions.

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He noted that there isn't as much concern with the new variant as is believed, adding that for him "essentially, Christmas is cancelled" because of the measures.

"She's being punished for doing the most essential job in the country" Matt said.

"She volunteers to do Christmas Day and Boxing Day ahead of time...this is essentially how she's being rewarded."

When pushed by David on what he would say to Boris Johnson about the measures if he had the chance, the caller asked the PM to "just be a little bit more malleable with the whole thing," allowing people to pick one day over the holidays rather than only Christmas Day to mix.

"It's pretty dispiriting," hew concluded.

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