David Lammy's personal tale of feeling 'harassed' by Covid warden

2 April 2021, 12:06

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Amid a national conversation over possible vaccine passports, LBC's David Lammy recounted his personal tale of feeling "over-policed" by Covid wardens.

It comes as Boris Johnson faces a possible backbench rebellion over the possible introduction of Covid vaccine passports.

More than 70 MPs, including 40 Conservatives, as well as peers from the House of Lords, have launched a campaign to oppose the move which they say would be "divisive and discriminatory".

One caller told LBC his first thought was the scheme was akin to something from World War Two era-Germany.

He said that during the war years "draconian powers" were introduced, but that at the cessation of hostilities they were given back.

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However, the caller warned that as we appear to be coming to the end of the Covid crisis the Government seems to be "ramping up State powers."

"We're in serious trouble," he said.

This led to David recounting a memory from a year ago when he and his wife were sitting on a park bench.

"A warden came up to us and instructed us to get up off the bench because we were sitting down for too long."

David said this was "extraordinary," and just sitting on a park bench with the woman he loves led to him feeling "over-policed" and "harassed."

Ending with a warning, David pointed out that any Covid vaccine passport scheme would have to be policed.

"And often those people who have to police this stuff will be incredibly heavy-handed about the way they do it."