Caller "Frightened" By Vince Cable's Call For Isis Bride Return

16 February 2019, 18:38

A caller says she feels "frightened" by Vince Cable's call for Shamima Begum's return to Britain, after the Lib Dem leader said the Isis bride should be questioned to determine if she's committed any crimes.

A caller told Ian Payne that remarks by the Liberal Democrat leader "frightened" her, and that the Isis bride Shamima Begum should not be brought back to the UK to face trial.

Ms Begum spoke to British reporters from a Syrian refugee camp after fleeing the battlefield that she travelled to with two other girls in February 2015.

Sir Vince Cable had earlier told Ian that as a British citizen, the Isis bride "has to come home".

But Jessica disagreed, saying it was "shocking" that the party leader wants to allow "somebody with military training to literally wipe us out".

"He's supposed to represent the welfare of the British people," she said.

Speaking to Ian Payne, Sir Vince Cable called for Shamima Begum to be brought back to the UK to be tried and face justice.

The Liberal Democrat leader said: "She's a British national, she's our responsibility and nobody else's.

"The idea of leaving somebody wandering around in limbo stateless is not sensible or right.

"She may or may not have done anything culpable, but if she has she should be tried or face justice, that would be the right way to proceed."

Asked why the Isis bride should face trial in Britain, instead of Syria, Sir Vince said: "If she's committed offences under British law, then she should be held responsible for it."