Shocking Failure In Bribery Case Leaves Ian Head In Hands

27 January 2018, 16:35 | Updated: 27 January 2018, 16:39

Ian Payne has been left with his head in his hands after being told of a failure to disclose key evidence in a bribery trial.

Barrister Julia Smart, from Furnival Chambers, has told Ian about the case and warned failures to disclose evidence are happening across the whole of the justice system.

It's as the Crown Prosecution Service is being forced to review all rape cases following the collapse of several trials where evidence was withheld.

Julia defended student Liam Allan who was cleared of rape after she fought to reveal thousands of text messages that exonerated him.

She's told Ian: "I had a recent bribery case that collapsed over the failure to disclose emails on a computer.

"The defendant handed it to police, and told them where to find the evidence that would exonerate him!"

You can see Ian's reaction to the shocking story in the video above.