Katie Hopkins's Blazing Rant About London's "Pathetic" Response To Westminster Attack

26 March 2017, 10:40 | Updated: 27 March 2017, 15:26

In this impassioned rant, Katie Hopkins brands London's response to the Westminster terror attack to 'stand strong and not be cowed' as "pathetic".

Katie Hopkins is absolutely raging about the response from Londoners to 'carry on as normal' and 'not be cowed' following the Westminster attack. 

Her controversial comments on social media have prompted backlash from many public figures, but she spoke for the first time on radio following the attack on her Sunday morning LBC show.

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She said: "What I'd love to hear from you, and love to hear articulated, are some of the very angry voices, that think I am wrong. That believe I am wrong for saying the things I've said.  

"That think I'm wrong for saying 'yes, our country is a little cowed', 'our country is a little sad'. Not because of this one incident, not because of this one horrible man, who mowed down individuals, mowed down a mother on her way to pick up her children.  

"Two children, 11 and eight, just like my own girls. You know, girls waiting at school for their mum, just to come around the corner. Getting their spelling books, getting their PE kits, rounding up their blazers, sorting themselves out, to go out and meet their mum - who never came.  

"And you tell me 'you carry on'. You tell me 'we're united'. You put up there, Phillip Schofield, that as an act of defiance, you walked across Westminster Bridge? You are pathetic. You are pathetic. You walked across a bridge, you walked down a pavement?  

"Dan Snow, you took a video on your way to work, showing pictures of pretty flowers? No you are not brave. You are not united. You are cowed. You happen to think, that that's the new normal?  

"You happen to think, cracking on like you did yesterday, somehow shows that you are fighting back, that you are resilient? That is not good enough.  

"The terrorists in this country have made it so that you now believe walking down a pavement, is brave. You now believe doing the things you always did, is somehow resilient?  

"You now believe, just because you're still continent, what you're still doubly continent? Does that make you not cowed. Does that make us united?  

"No it does not. This country is not united, you can stand there, just outside this building, you can see how cross I am, I'm really, really cross, in Leicester Square, you stand there in Trafalgar Square, with your little tea lights.  

"You stand there with your hash tags. You stand there and make hearts up to the heavens, because you know ants do, when a few of them are stood on?  The rest crack on like normal and wait for the next footstep to fall.  

"My challenge to you; is that's exactly what we're doing to society, we're carrying on. We are in denial. Now if you think that makes you not cowed, I say you're the fool."