Kevin Maguire Lays Into Boris Johnson: Independence Day? More Like Dependence Day

7 July 2018, 12:43

Kevin Maguire takes a powerful swipe at the Brexit "poster boy" believing he should "take back control of his self-pride and quit".

Boris Johnson was "lying to squeeze a narrow referendum win and splitting the country" says Kevin Maguire, as he took aim at the Foreign Secretary.

"He was everywhere, he was wheeled out, he was on that battle bus with a £350 million a week lie the NHS down the side," he said.

"Independence Day he said it would be, well and now looks like it'll be 'Dependence Day' because we'll be half in half out in a hokey cokey."

Kevin Maguire in the LBC studio.
Kevin Maguire in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"Lying to squeeze a narrow referendum win and splitting the country, and what have you achieved Boris?"

"What have you done?

"You spent the last few days moaning to other Cabinet Brexiteers trying to get them to agree with you. And you go to checkers on Friday and what do you do?

"Well you want to keep the a ministerial chauffeur driven car above everything else.

"Should Boris Johnson resign?

"Shouldn't he take back self control of his pride and quit? Shouldn't Boris Johnson get on his bike and cycle off rather than thinking of himself?

"Whatever happened to honour in British politics?"