Taiwan invasion 'destiny of the Chinese nation', declares CCP loyalist

18 September 2021, 12:56

Chinese Communist Party supporter stresses need for 'Chinese unification'

By Seán Hickey

'This is a stern warning to whoever in Taiwan who will oppose unification', the Vice President of the Centre for China and Globalisation warns.

Victor Gao is the Chair Professor of Soochow University and Vice President of the Center for China and Globalization. He spoke to Matt Frei in the wake of the declaration of the AUKUS alliance to share the view of the Chinese Communist party.

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He told LBC that the alliance is "preparing for war" with such measures. He refuted Matt's claim that the China is the aggressor in the situation, noting that the Chinese military "is purely for national defence."

Matt wondered if Mr Gao could foresee a situation "whereby China has to resort to military means in order to embrace Taiwan".

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“Why not, the unification of the two sides of the Taiwan strait is purely an internal affair of the Chinese people" Mr Gao said.

"Nothing in the world can stand in the way of the unification of China," he went on, stressing that the CCP "prefer peaceful means of unification."

Xi will inevitably invade Taiwan, but not until win is guaranteed

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Although a peaceful transition is desired, Mr Gao said that "any means will be possible."

"This is a stern warning to whoever in Taiwan who will oppose the unification."

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He insisted that "it’s the common will of 1.4 billion people including the majority of people in Taiwan" to unify Taiwan and China. Matt said that US defence of Taiwan would make this "one of the most dangerous moments in world history."

"Wake up" Mr Gao said. "No American leaders who will want to shed blood of American soldiers for the unification of China."

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He went on to insist that "it’s not an invasion, it’s a reunification.

"If you keep saying invasion, you really are indulging in the very very wrong description of a very important historical fact. It’s not an invasion, it’s a unification of the motherland."

Matt wondered if China would be "prepared to risk a global confrontation in order to recapture Taiwan", Mr Gao repeated his earlier point.

"It’s not recapture, it’s the reunification of both sides of the Taiwan strait."

"That’s the destiny for the Chinese nation. No country in the world can stand in the way."

He concluded by telling Matt that "nobody can deny China its unification."