BMA advice being constructed by facemask manufacturers, Tory MP claims

3 July 2021, 17:13

BMA could be lobbied by mask industry to advocate mask wearing

By Seán Hickey

Mask manufacturers are lobbying the British Medical Association to keep restrictions in place beyond July 19, this backbench Tory suggests.

"I really would like, in the interest of transparency, for the BMA to declare what lobbying they've been put under by the manufacturers of PPE," Andrew Bridgen told Matt Frei.

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He went on to suggest that such companies "clearly have a financial interest in getting people to continue wearing these masks," and the BMA's recommendation to continue wearing masks after "freedom day" has been influenced by the industry.

"It'd be very interesting if they'd disclose what lobbying they've come under."

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Matt wondered if Mr Bridgen was "against keeping some restrictions past the 19th July?" The backbencher shared his irritation at the prospect.

Dr Vautrey of BMA on masks outdoors

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He claimed that masks are imposed on the basis of "potentially dubious science" and are the "biggest demonstration to people that we haven't actually got out of the Covid pandemic."

He went on to suggest that "continued lockdown measures are far more detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the nation than the virus is now" and this should be the key factor in deciding whether restrictions continue.

He concluded by telling Matt he "certainly won't be voting for any extension of measures after the 19th of July."

A BMA spokesperson said:

"We are very disappointed to see an MP making these completely false and unsubstantiated claims. We hope that he will withdraw his comments and apologise. These kinds of false statements shouldn’t be any part of the debate about how best to protect people."