Caller says he won't register to vote because he's "disillusioned" with politics

9 November 2019, 07:48

The first caller is fed up with the political system - especially how the results of the Brexit referendum haven't been acted on.

Randall, a caller from Wembley, told Matt Stadlen that he won't register to vote in this General Election.

He's only voted once in life - and said that he generally has an issue with authority.

But, he said, it's more than his issues with authority that are preventing him from voting.

He said voters and non-voters are "thoroughly disillusioned" and are "fed up with this nonsense."

Caller says he won&squot;t vote because he&squot;s "thoroughly disillusioned" with politics
Caller says he won't vote because he's "thoroughly disillusioned" with politics. Picture: PA

He explained: "The referendum was called, people felt swayed to move came out and voted. The result was the result, whether you like it or not, and here we are. It's almost three years later and we still haven't left Europe. And you know, it's a nonsense and it hasn't persuaded me in the leas, to even think about registering to vote in this country."

He told Matt Stadlen that "it's a joke and our system is being shown up for the farce that it is".

He continued: "One might say 'I'm glad there is a system, at least it is a system, at least we're not in a dictatorship. I would go on to say in a dictatorship at least you know what the dictator wants he gets and you don't. The illusion that we have a choice is being shown up for what it is, it's an illusion."

If you, unlike Randall, do decide to vote - you can do so here.