Matt Stadlen Takes On Islamophobe Who Claims "Europe Is Going To Be Destroyed"

12 May 2018, 08:58 | Updated: 12 May 2018, 11:23

After Tommy Robinson was banned from Twitter, this caller told Matt Stadlen "Europe is going to be destroyed" in this row about Islamophobia.

Andrew in Montreal, Canada, told Matt Stadlen he felt Britain was actively silencing people telling 'facts' about certain religions.

"Robinson does not promote killing of anybody. He just tells you what a certain religion is, and what that religion actually promotes" he said.

His comments follow a ban of former EDL leader Tommy Robinson from Twitter over 'hateful conduct'.

"And what do you think Islam promotes?" Matt asked.

"Islamic religion promotes primacy over every other religion, and every other people," he replied.

But Matt didn't let him go without a challenge.

Matt said: "I'm a British bloke, white, middle-class born in London I live in London. Why do you think I'm not quite getting in my boots at this Muslim takeover that you think is going to happen?"

When Andrew started to answer, Matt continued.

"Do you think I'm blind?

"And you think, Andrew, living all the way over there in Montreal in Canada, that somehow I'm blind to this threat on the my nose?

Matt Stadlen takes on Islamophobe.
Matt Stadlen takes on Islamophobe. Picture: LBC

Matt said: "I'm going to be going to Lords to watch England take on Pakistan and I'm going to go with one of my great friends from school who is of Pakistani origins and a British Muslim comedian.

"I'm not going to be sitting there next to these people thinking 'I wonder what they secretly think' or 'I wonder what those Pakistani fans over there secretly think'.

"'Maybe they want to take over the country', 'maybe they want to make things less safe for me, and for my wife, and from the rest of my family'.

"No Andrew, not at all.

"I don't feel that in any way shape or form.

"So why all the way over there in Montreal in Canada are you so scared?"

Andrew told Matt he was not scared for himself, but asked whether he was "blind to what's happening in Europe?"

"Europe is going to be destroyed!" he said.

Matt made one last point against Andrew, saying: "I don't think they're under threat.

"I don't think freedom of speech is under threat in this country and I worry Andrew that you spend so much of your time under this sense of paranoia all the way over there in Canada.

"But I hope you feel like I give you a fair crack of the whip, because that's what we do in this country - we give airtime to people that we disagree with."