Two Callers Fiercely Clash Over Boris Johnson Burka 'Letterbox' Comment

2 November 2019, 11:01

A caller told Matt Stadlen that Muslim women who wear niqabs look like 'letterboxes' and 'penguins' - Matt then brought in a caller who wears a niqab who shut her down.

A caller, Claire, agreed with Boris Johnson's comments comparing veiled Muslim women to 'letterboxes'.

She even compared women who wear niqabs to 'penguins'.

She continued: "I don't think they should be allowed to walk about like that in this country."

Matt Stadlen pointed out that Boris Johnson thinks Muslim women should dress in that way, should they choose to do so.

Matt then brought in Mexy, who wears a niqab, to challenge her.

Two Callers Fiercely Clash Over Boris Johnson Burka 'Letterbox' Comment
Two Callers Fiercely Clash Over Boris Johnson Burka 'Letterbox' Comment. Picture: PA

She said: "I'm absolutely appalled and disgusted.

"You are the person when I walk into a store who will not give me the same amount of respect that you would give to any other person.

"You are the person who I will bump into at Asda and will look at me twice and would judge me from what I'm wearing.

"You're the type of person that would go the extra mile to cause somebody like me, what you're describing, as you said a penguin.

This is the exacty reason why Boris Johnson should not be our Prime Minister."

Claire said: "He's a very good man, actually."

She then said that "it's thousands of people to think the way I think".

Mexy said it's called "narrow-minded."

They then spoke over each other.

Claire said: "When you come to this country, you should dress the same way we dress."

Mexy tried to ask Claire whether she dresses according to which country she is when she goes abroad.

She asked what she packed when she went to Dubai but Claire just said 'clothes'.

Claire then compared Mexy's niqab to "bits of rags".

Mexy said: "I cannot believe that you, as a UK British National, this is what you think. I am appalled."

Matt then said: "You don't speak for me, you don't speak for the majority of people in this country. British people are broadly speaking tolerant. If someone wants to go around and cover their head for religious reasons, they are allowed to do so.

Boris Johnson thinks they should be able to do so as well. It's just that he said a very offensive thing which unfortunately empowers and emboldened people like you Claire."