Mismanagement, Incompetence and Embarrassment Killed UKIP Says Anushka Asthana

18 February 2018, 08:21

After Henry Bolton was sacked as UKIP leader, Anushka had some choice words for the party faithful.

Anushka spoke of the "shambles" inside UKIP. She said that she "couldn't believe" that Henry Bolton was comparing the intrusion into his personal life to that experienced by Princess Diana. She said that it was an "embarrassment."

She then went on to list a number of "debacles" that had hit the party. Including Paul Nuttall's failure to win a seat in parliament, Dianne James resignation after "three minutes, then Henry Bolton who "no one has ever heard off."

She finished by saying that it wasn't just Brexit that rocked the party but also "mismanagement, incompetence and embarrassment."

Anushka on LBC
Anushka on LBC. Picture: LBC