Caller brands Natasha Devon 'upper class' – because of her name

22 August 2021, 15:12

Caller says Natasha Devon's name shows she doesn't support Trump

By Seán Hickey

This caller claimed Natasha Devon 'doesn't understand the real world' because she is 'posh' which he concluded from her name.

John initially took exception to Natasha Devon's comments on Donald Trump when discussing the crisis in Afghanistan. He interrogated her, wondering which American President she thought was good.

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"I thought Obama was alright," she said, which enraged the caller even more.

"Let me tell you something Natasha, I can even tell by your name the sort of background you've got. You don't understand the real world."

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The caller claimed there was a conspiracy of sorts against supporters of the former President Trump: "If you were to turn round and say you're a President Trump supporter, I guarantee you would not be in your job right now."

He went on to say that Trump "represented the working class" and that Natasha hasn't "got a clue what average people think!"

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He continued to suggest that Natasha was upper class, noting that she has "a nice little tasty job" and is out of touch with ordinary people.

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Natasha wasn't entertaining the caller's comments any more: "You can just tell what, because I'm called Natasha Devon... and I speak in a posh voice you think you know everything about me?"

"I was talking about the poshness of your name, Natasha," he clarified, before Natasha cut him off.

"That was an interesting start to the show, wasn't it?" She concluded.