Caller stresses key difference between Clapham vigil and anti-lockdown protests

21 March 2021, 12:32

Furious caller attacks anti-lockdown protesters, compares with Clapham

By Seán Hickey

A distinction must be made between Saturday's anti-lockdown protests and the Clapham Common vigil when debating the right to protest, this caller claims.

Ambrosine in Finchley phoned in following worrying images of anti-lockdown protesters in London. She told Natasha Devon she was vehemently against the protest and wondered where the compassion of protesters lay.

"What would you say to the people who argue that an outdoor protest presents a very minimal risk in terms of Covid and they are just practicing their human right to protest," Natasha wondered.

The caller noted that her disagreement centred around the fact that protesters at anti lockdown marches flouted social distancing rules, which increases the risk.

"There were also members down there of the extreme far right," she added.

"They're not talking of protests, they want to be free, they want to be free of their masks."

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Anti-lockdown protesters march in central London

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Ambrosine noted that "we have people that can't even visit their families" and for people to protest without masks or social distancing is very insensitive.

Natasha wondered if the caller thought "the Sarah Everard vigil last week was a different thing," to which the caller agreed because organisers "had a lot of discussion with the police" before the Met cancelled the event.

"These people were talking about their freedoms, and they could've waited two or three weeks or that."

"If you saw the people I saw in hospital today, you would cry because the nurses were so amazing, the doctors were so amazing and they put their lives on the line for us."

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