Natasha Devon blasts 'barefaced temerity' of those blaming Ukraine invasion on wokeness

12 March 2022, 21:09

By Tim Dodd

Natasha Devon hit out at those who've perpetuated "pointless and misguided culture wars" yet have the "barefaced temerity" to link Putin's invasion of Ukraine with 'wokeness' in the West.

It comes as Ukraine has accused Russia of shooting at a convoy of civilians trying to flee near the city of Kyiv, killing seven people including a child.

Natasha told listeners: "This narrative that the war in Ukraine is anything to do with discussions around equality seems to have made it over the pond."

Natasha then gave two examples of what she'd read.

"Amanda Platell writing for the Daily Mail: 'Women in Ukraine are showing no-nonsense bravery, but would the woke sisterhood have picked up an AK47 to protect our nation?'."

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Natasha continued: "Zoe Strimpel writing for Telegraph: 'War in Ukraine has exposed just how shallow the self-obsessed woke worldview really is. The whole edifice of identity politics has created an inward looking delusion about what really matters'."

"This whole thing is, from where I sit, so absurd," Natasha said.

"The idea that black people or trans people fighting for equal rights is responsible somehow for Putin's invasion of Ukraine... The same people who were responsible for perpetuating pointless and misguided culture wars, based on scaremongering and misinformation, have this barefaced temerity to say 'we all got so distracted discussing race and gender we forgot to stop Putin invading Ukraine'.

"It's so stupid that I almost want to laugh."

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