Natasha Devon's blistering review of the PM's 'tidal wave of scandals'

11 December 2021, 21:39

By Tim Dodd

This was the moment Natasha Devon took a deep breath to get through this long list of Boris Johnson's "scandals", which was topped off by the alleged Covid-breaching party at 10 Downing Street last Christmas.

Natasha said: "Following what can only be described as a tidal wave of scandals, including - and I'm going to take a deep breath here because there's a lot to get through."

Natasha then proceeded through a long list of issues relating to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"Illegally proroguing Parliament, allowing the Leader of the House to lie to the Queen, presiding over not only one of the worst death tolls, but also one of the worst economic performances under Covid in the world, that terrible Brexit deal, failing to discipline his chief adviser for breaking lockdown rules, failing to initiate consequences for his home secretary after an independent investigation found she had bullied civil servants."

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Natasha continued: "Refusing to discipline his MP Owen Paterson over breaking of lobbying rules - then U-turning on that decision, allegedly misleading the House on who paid for his lavish flat refurbishment, and presiding over a government which gave their mates millions of pounds to buy dodgy PPE."

Natasha still wasn't done: "Cutting Universal Credit for Britain's poorest while his MPs claimed they couldn't afford to live on a salary of £82,000 a year. Refusing to give a pay rise to NHS workers without whom we wouldn't have even survived the pandemic. Cancelled, uncancelled, then re-cancelled exams for young people, and now is coming after our right to protest.

"The thing that [has] finally happened for Boris Johnson is 'the party'."

"I think it's safe to say - when Ant and Dec come for you, you're in trouble. This does feel different this time, doesn't it?" Natasha concluded.

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