Tabloids should stop vilifying Prince Harry for mental health work, caller insists

16 May 2021, 11:55

Caller demands an end to 'Harry bashing'

By Seán Hickey

This caller pleaded with the media to stop criticising Prince Harry as he speaks out on mental health issues from his own perspective.

James in Hertford phoned Natasha Devon to defend Prince Harry speaking out on his own battles with mental health. The Duke of Sussex has come under fire from the media for speaking out about his own struggles with mental health.

Speaking about both Harry and William, the caller told Natasha that "the world remembers them walking behind their mother's coffin. That is not something they elected to do."

He hinted that such an experience would have had a detrimental effect on the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge.

"They've lived their life on the world stage" he added, telling Natasha that "the pressure that that brings has a uniqueness to it, and they're still human beings."

He argued that the impact of fame on Prince Harry would affect his mental health in a "more intense and more amplified" way.

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Natasha supported the caller's point, adding that arguing mental health issues don't impact the wealthy is problematic.

James refused to believe that "because he comes from the most famous and wealthy family on the planet" then Prince Harry cannot raise awareness for mental health/

"I wish him all the best of luck – I think the spotlight he's shining on all of these issues should be viewed for what they are."

"It's better to talk about mental health than brush it under the carpet" the caller concluded.