Right-wing media are spouting ‘recycled homophobia’ says Natasha Devon

24 June 2023, 21:40 | Updated: 24 June 2023, 21:46

Natasha Devon Mono on story about pupil identifying as a 'cat'.

By Anna Fox

Following a dispute over identities at a school in East Sussex, Natasha Devon shares her outrage at the right-wing media's exacerbation of the story.

Natasha Devon lay the blame at the door of the right-wing media following the uproar over a school in East Sussex where a 13-year-old girl was labelled 'despicable' by a teacher for not accepting her classmate's identity as a cat.

Natasha began by stating: "It's the 2023 version of if a man is allowed to marry another man, he will eventually want to marry his dog.

She blasted the media's reaction to the story as "recycled homophobia" claiming right-wing media has taken "the off-the-cuff statement, ran with it, and used it to suggest that there was a pupil at this school who identified as a cat".

Rye College in East Sussex has clarified that none of their students “identifies as a cat or any other animal” after a classroom conversation on gender was leaked to the press.

Noting the government's reaction to the story, Natasha said: "Kemi Badenoch has ordered an Ofsted inspection and it's interesting how quickly she jumped on this.

Despite the ongoing persecution of women globally, Natasha questioned why the Minister for Women and Equalities thinks the story was "within her remit".

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Natasha airs her views on the 13 years of Tory government

She added: "If you're not convinced by the school's denial of the existence of this pupil, perhaps the fact that this isn't even an original story will convince you because this actually started in America.

"It was discovered that there were cat litter trays in American classrooms. And that and when I tell you the reason why they were there. You want to cry? I know I did. It's in case there's a school shooting and the children had to barricade themselves in their classrooms. It was somewhere for them to go to the toilet."

Despite this revelation, Natasha added: "But right-wing commentators took this run with it and said children are now identifying as cats".

Concluding Natasha said: "This was all a way to de-legitimise trans people and malign the entire LGBTQ community. Same grift. Slightly different story".

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