A Brad and Ange free zone

22 September 2016, 15:29 | Updated: 29 September 2016, 14:19

Brad And Angelina

This week's podcast has been overshadowed by the serious news that Brangelina are splitting up.

I agree with the newspapers that this is the most important news in the world today and I should have cleared the podcast of all other content so that I could give this momentous event the coverage it fully deserves.

I apologise for any distress suffered at the non-inclusion of this story.

In less important news, The Comedy Clown Race For The Whitehouse continues and while Donald Trump is neck and neck with Hilary Clinton in the race for the public's approval, he has just edged ahead in the race for bad publicity.

The Donald stands accused of being the sort of person that would walk into a bar and steal the charity box on the counter.

Of course, the sums involved are not the small change that you might find in the charity box but are rather more in the region of a quarter of a million dollars.

Everything is big on Planet Trump.

If this is true, and if he spent some of the money on pictures of himself, as alleged, this will be the best/worst/funniest/shocking episode of his career. And that's a crowded field.

When Americans go to the polls to decide between the worse and worser candidates available to them, in many states they will also decide on whether to legalise marijuana.

It is already available in 23 states as a pain relief. Once the next president is announced, Americans may need all the pain relief they can get.

In the UK, two more expert reviews have concluded that some relaxation of the laws on marijuana are long overdue. The usual expert-averse government response will be shortly forthcoming.

In nuclear news, Theresa May has signed off on allowing China to build and part fund the Hinkley Point C reactor. If you find that a curious decision, you will be pleased to learn that it is merely a coincidence that many Tory ex-MPs are employed as lobbyists of the nuclear industry. No connection there, whatever gave you that idea?

In money news, the one pence piece is slated for extinction by the Governor of the Bank of England. It is not in his power to do away with it, but his word carries weight. He is the Governor after all.

He says that the coin is virtually worthless and he is right. You can't even spend a penny for a penny these days, it costs fifty pence, and London's mayor Sadiq Khan literally oversees such a policy.

Finally this week, as you gaze upon the moon on a cloudless night, think of the lights going on in Douglas Carswell's mind and the magnetic force that mind has on ridicule.

Not even the Sun has such a gravitational pull.

You will find all that and more in this special pull-out-and-keep Brad and Angelina break-up issue which contains not a mention of either of them.

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