Outraged Caller Tells Farage: You're The Worst Thing To Happen To Britain

5 April 2017, 21:28 | Updated: 5 April 2017, 21:39

Ben from Tonbridge was so incensed by Nigel Farage's "insulting" Strasbourg speech, he felt he had to take the Ukip MEP to task.

"Are you proud of yourself today?" Ben asked Nigel on his nightly LBC show.

"You've literally started, or you've made, the EU negotiations a million times worse by literally insulting the people we're supposed to be negotiating with."

The LBC caller was furious with Nigel's row in the European Parliament on Wednesday, in which he accused the EU of being a "mafia" holding the UK "ransom" by demanding a Brexit divorce bill.

Ben continued: "I listen to this programme a lot and it infuriates me because I hear people say: 'Aw Nigel you're the best thing that's ever happened to this country', no, sorry, you're the worst. I think that you are a demagogue and narcissist.

"It's all a lie, you've lied to the British public and..."

"Hang on Ben," Nigel fired in.

"We can have different points of view right, but what I've put to the British public is what I sincerely and honestly believe," Nigel continued.

"Could I have judged post-Article 50 the sheer level of irrationality that I saw in this place today? No.

"I think the reason is Ben that it isn't just about Britain leaving the European Union, they now realise with major elections coming up across the whole of Europe... that actually it isn't just us, the whole of Europe is falling out of love with the European project because it is not based fundamentally on democracy."

Watch the heated row in full above.