Nigel Farage Shuts Down Caller Who Brands Eurosceptics “Rampant Racists”

24 April 2017, 19:59 | Updated: 24 April 2017, 21:14

Nigel Farage was left flabbergasted by this LBC caller who suggested some Eurosceptics were “rampant racists”.

Mike in Wickford accused both the former Ukip leader and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen of trying to drive division within communities with their anti-EU message.

Speaking to Nigel on his LBC show, Mike said the rise of the right-wing in Europe was down to Eurosceptic parties “finding somebody reasonably respectable who doesn’t sound like Adolf Hitler.”

He added they were “covering up a random affiliation with random lunatics and racists like you did in your party sir.”

A bemused Nigel responded: “You sound like Diane Abbott Mike!

“Do you actually believe that people who believe in nation states and border controls are raving lunatics?”

Fighting his coroner, Mike responded: “The left overs of the far-right, who were trying to get in as far as they could into power without showing themselves up as the rampant racists that they were.

“That’s what has happened at Le Pen’s party and that’s what is going to happen in other places as well - so we need to stop it now.”

The reply left Nigel furious, as he sarcastically fired back: “Imagine, it would be much better to have unelected men running us and giving us a new flag and a new anthem and a new identity. Is that what you want?

“If it wasn’t people having the guts from left-wing backgrounds, centre backgrounds and right-wing backgrounds to back Ukip and push it along, there’d never have been a referendum and we’d never have voted for Brexit.”

Watch the feisty row in full above.