Eyewitness Claims He Saw A "Drone Flying Close To Heathrow Airport"

8 January 2019, 18:34 | Updated: 8 January 2019, 18:46

A driver has claimed he saw a drone flying “a few hundred yards away” from the runway at Heathrow Airport.

Ross told Nigel Farage: “I saw a drone with blue, green lights flying alongside the M25 and it came down just at [the Heathrow] turn off”.

“It wasn’t very high, maybe 40ft,” he added.

Departures were suspended for around an hour at Britain’s largest airport after reports of a drone sighting on Tuesday evening.

Ross added that he had tried to report the sighting to police.

The military has been put on standby to deploy the equipment used at Gatwick if needed, the Department for Transport said.

Meanwhile actress Wallis Day reported seeing a number of emergency services rushing onto the runway.

She spoke to LBC from the runway after her flight to Belfast was delayed as reports emerged.

"There's lots of emergency vehicles," Ms Day said.