Nigel Farage Reveals A Story About Him And Juncker He's Never Told Before

30 October 2019, 19:44

This caller called the UK political system skewed which caused Nigel Farage to reveal a story he'd never told before about himself and Jean-Claude Juncker.

The caller David said MPs are a "self-selecting subset of the general population because they go to Oxford or Cambridge, they then become a researcher and they become known in the respective parties, and then they're given a safe seat."

Nigel said that parties go for "safe people and for safe read dull" and that they're scared of big personalities.

Nigel then suggested we could have more, smaller parties with different points of view which could inject some personality into politics.

David said: "I'm a remain die-hard however I did think it was unfair that your party-"

"Four million and almost nothing," said Nigel.

"Exactly and yet you haven't got one MP. The whole system is skewed," said David and both agreed the first passed the post system is out of date.

Nigel said: "I'll tell you a story I've never told before in public." He said Jean-Claude Juncker phoned him up personally the day after the 2015 general election to say how ridiculous it was that Nigel had got that number of votes and almost no rewards.