Nigel Farage Accuses Ukip Of “Obsessing About Tommy Robinson”

3 December 2018, 19:11 | Updated: 3 December 2018, 19:14

Nigel Farage has accused the Ukip leadership of “obsessing about Islam and Tommy Robinson” rather than concentrating its efforts on Brexit.

It’s after Ukip’s ruling body voted against a motion of no confidence in the leader Gerard Batten, after he hired Tommy Robinson as an advisor.

It says it doesn't endorse the former EDL leader being appointed to any advisory role.

Mr Batten is expected to speak alongside Mr Robinson - real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - at a Brexit march in London on Sunday.

Nigel railed against the idea, criticising Mr Batten’s involvement.

Nigel Farage gave his latest take on Ukip on Monday night
Nigel Farage gave his latest take on Ukip on Monday night. Picture: LBC

Speaking on Monday night, he told LBC listeners: “At a time when Ukip should be really riding high in the polls, they’re obsessing about Islam and Tommy Robinson.

“I can’t believe it!”

Meanwhile, Ukip’s former deputy chair Suzanne Evans has quit the party, claiming it was “obsessed” with “becoming a successor to the BNP and the EDL”.

"I feel I have no option but to join the thousands of other good, decent former UKIP members in walking out of the door in disgust at the radical change in UKIP's direction," she said.

You can watch Nigel's full take in the video above.