"That's The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard!": Nigel Farage Clashes With Caller Over Labour's Brexit Stance

8 September 2019, 13:57

A caller defended Labour's Emily Thornberry and her performance on Question Time, but Nigel Farage thinks the party's policy on Brexit is ridiculous.

Jonathan in Finchley claimed that Labour's position was "perfectly defensible" and called Nigel and his LBC colleague Iain Dale, who was also on the Question Time panel, "attack dogs".

He said: "The attack dogs, including you and Iain Dale, were absolutely wrong to go for Emily Thornberry.

"Her position is perfectly defensible, perfectly respectful, what she is saying is professionally she would do her best, unlike Boris Johnson, to attempt to get a good deal.

"Then there would be a referendum, but her private view is that she would vote to Remain, she is being honest.

Nigel interrupted the caller, questioning whether the Shadow Foreign Secretary's position made any sense, but the caller continued to defend her.

He continue: "It makes absolute sense, she is being honest and is allowed a private opinion as a voter, like anybody else.

"She's allowed a private opinion, but professionally she's going to negotiate, and Iain Dale the attack dog from LBC is completely wrong to rubbish her."

Nigel went on to defend Iain Dale and declared Labour's position the "stupidest thing I've ever heard".