Furious caller insists 'there's nobody to blame but ourselves' for Covid-19 rules tightening

12 September 2020, 09:03

By Seán Hickey

This caller was disgusted by people ignoring distancing regulations, insisting that the Britain can only blame itself for rules on socialising tightening again.

Paul phoned in to Rachel Johnson clearly disgusted by the news that rules on social gatherings will be tightened on Monday.

"Us pathetic Brits cannot get our act together," he told Rachel. "I have watched more people that get on buses without masks on than those that do."

Paul was furious with people ignoring social distancing rules, adding that "there's nobody else to blame but ourselves" for rules on socialising being tightened again.

"The problem is that we just don't know how to handle it."

Paul made the claim that people are blatantly not wearing masks on public transport and this laissez-faire attitude is what has brought the UK to tighten restrictions again.

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Rachel wouldn't accept that the majority of people using public transport are flouting rules, asking the caller how he knows that people are majorly ignoring rules.

"If you go on the tube, which I did to get here, everybody is wearing a mask," she claimed.

Rachel concluded the call by telling Paul that "there could not be more public messaging on safety and distancing," and while accepting that we have not been perfect in our response, the UK has done as good as it could have given the situation.