'It would've been for work': Rachel Johnson breaks silence on partygate

16 January 2022, 20:48 | Updated: 16 January 2022, 21:14

'If my brother went into the garden then that would've been work.'

By Tim Dodd

Rachel Johnson told listeners the appearance by her brother the Prime Minister at Downing Street's "bring your own booze" party during May 2020 "would have been [for] work".

It comes after Boris Johnson made a grovelling apology to the nation and admitted that he attended a Downing Street lockdown party, but claimed he didn't know it was a party.

Rachel told listeners: "As you might've guessed, it hasn't been the quietest, calmest of weeks in the Johnson family.

"Lots of broadcasters, BBC among them, have asked me to contribute on events across Westminster, and of course the repercussions across the country, and I haven't said anything because I talk to you, LBC listeners. I take your calls.

"What I say, I want to say to you."

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Rachel Johnson shares her view on Boris Johnson's Christmas quiz.

Rachel continued: "I didn't see much of the Prime Minister and his family during lockdown, but the times I did see him, he was completely compliant.

"He dotted every I, he crossed every T. If it was rule of six, there were six. What I didn't see were all the things you've been hearing about.

"I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that he has never once turned to me or any member of my family and said 'I tell you what, let's have a party'.

"If anything he'd say 'let's play reading'... or 'let's play who can memorise the most poems from the Oxford Book of Verse... And of course it was always him.

"To my mind, if he did go out into the garden, and he's told us he did, for him that would have been work."

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