Zelenskyy 'the definition of a man' but Putin a 'finished monster' - Rachel Johnson

27 February 2022, 21:49 | Updated: 27 February 2022, 21:58

Ukraine: Rachel Johnson on the 'two extremes of leadership'

By Tim Dodd

This was Rachel Johnson's pertinent monologue on the "two extremes of leadership" that've been shown by Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russia's President Vladimir Putin, as fighting between the two countries continues.

It comes as Russian nuclear deterrent forces have been put on alert by Vladimir Putin as Western nations unleash tough new sanctions on his regime.

According to Ukraine's president's office, Ukraine and Russia are now set for talks at the Belarus border, near the Pripyat river.

Rachel told listeners her feelings on the two leaders: "I want to say something about how I feel about how Putin compares to Zelenskyy in terms of leadership and humanity.

"It just seems to me that we are seeing two extremes of leadership. One of them, Zelenskyy - he's on the streets, he's talking, he's amongst his people, he's surrounded by people, he's rallying them.

"He says he shows the enemy his face, not his back. He wants ammo, not a ride."

Putin is just 'trying to cause trouble and get people worried'

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Rachel continued: "And Putin, even though he's a former KGB agent, even though there's no such thing as a former KGB agent - he's a lifer, he's a spook.

"He's a sort of violence-addicted, amoral, homicidal tyrant. He's in a bubble of yaysayers, nobody will stand up to him. He surrounds himself with lickspittles who must be bullies themselves.

"He's finished.

"I just conclude: the definition of a man is Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the definition of a monster is Vladimir Putin."

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