Sangita Myska highlights 'Trumpian' tones in Suella Braverman's response to Knowsley riots

18 February 2023, 15:49

Sangita Myska: Home Sec had a 'Trumpian-style' response to Knowsley



Sangita Myska gave her response to Suella Braverman's tweet condemning the riots outside a hotel housing migrants and asylum seekers in Knowsley, Merseyside.

Sangita Myska read out the Home Secretary's tweet.

Sangita then said: "If that doesn't have Trumpian overtones to you remember after Charlottesville - the race riots in America?

"Do you remember that Trump quote - 'There were very fine people on both sides'? That was his response to neo-Nazis clashing with the good people of Charlottesville who didn't want them in their town.

"If that doesn't have Trumpian vibes, I just don't know what does."

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Sangita then brought up some research from the anti-extremist campaign group Hope Not Hate, who said that there have been 253 visits from self proclaimed 'migrant hunters' to hotels housing migrants and asylum seekers in the last year.

She said through her research, it had become "absolutely apparent" that these far right groups "have effectively lifted their playbooks from what happened in the United States and the rise of 'Make America Great Again' and all that Trumpian-style stuff".

Her comments came after a period of silence from the Home Secretary following the Merseyside riots last week. Sangita had called out Suella Braverman for this at the time.

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