Stig: Stop Pitting Christianity And Islam Against Each Other

16 April 2017, 16:30 | Updated: 16 April 2017, 18:27

Stig Abell thinks society should stop pitting Christianity and Islam up against each other - because neither of them should be the basis for our nation's identity.

On his Sunday afternoon LBC show, Stig Abell spoke with caller Shelia, a Christian, about whether the government should still place such emphasis on 'Christian values'.

The conversation came about following the Prime Minister's Easter message, where she said people should feel "confident" about Christianity's role in society.

Shelia told Stig Britain should strive to keep Christianity at the forefront of the Nation's moral foundation, and avoid 'the takeover of Sharia Law'. 

This prompted Stig to question why there's such an emphasis on comparing the two religions.

He thinks that people should be free to practice their religions - but neither of them should be used as the basis for the nation's "values".

Watch the clip to see how the conversation panned out.