LBC caller who faked doctor’s note to get a company car sparks backlash - but he claims he’s the victim

11 June 2024, 09:48

The caller admitted he had forged a doctor's note
The caller admitted he had forged a doctor's note. Picture: LBC/Alamy

By Asher McShane

A caller has sparked an angry backlash after ringing in to LBC’s legal hour to ask whether he had been discriminated against over his ADHD, before admitting he forged a doctor’s note to get a company car.

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The caller, Sam called Daniel Barnett on Saturday night to ask whether he might have a ‘discrimination claim’ against a company for failing to make reasonable adjustments for his ADHD.

He had asked his employer for a list of ‘about 15’ adjustments including a standing desk, and more frequent breaks.

He said his employer had made ‘a couple’ of his requested changes - but he raised a grievance after he was told that only managers can change the music at his place of work.

He said he had been suspended, and admitted that it was because he faked a doctor’s letter. He said he forged a letter saying he had back problems so that he could get an automatic vehicle at his employer's expense.

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I'd sack you for that

He also said he had ‘forgotten’ that he was a director of a company and blamed his ADHD.

Talking about the doctor’s letter, Daniel told the caller: “I’d sack you for that.”

Sam replied: “OK? But then I’d still have a discrimination claim or not?”

“Frankly Sam, having worked for four months, I think they’ve got very good grounds to dismiss you.”

Dan said faking a doctor’s letter was ‘100 per cent’ a gross misconduct issue.

“ADHD does not justify faking doctor’s letters.”

“I don’t think a standing desk is a reasonable adjustment for ADHD.”

One listener texted in saying “is this guy for real?”

Another said: “I feel sorry for this guy’s employer.”

The caller said: “… yeah but putting that aside..”

“Apart from that Mrs Lincoln how was your night at the theatre,” was the response.

The caller didn’t get much sympathy from other listeners.

One wrote online: “A list of 15 things involving controlling the music? what complete and utter b****cks. I’m surprised he passed probation and they didn’t get rid whilst they could without any problems.”

Another posted: “Having a disability of any kind doesn't excuse this and feeds the narrative in the press that some with disabilities are on the take. No sympathy for this guy whatsoever.”

A third said: “The sense of entitlement and sheer nerve that some people have is absolutely incredible!”

Some others were at least partially sympathetic.

One wrote: “Obviously fraudulently creating a doctor's note is a dismissable offence but my standing desk is absolutely helpful for my ADHD and has made my work life much better.”