Sadiq Khan Calls Out Theresa May's "Colossal Mistake" On Brexit

2 March 2017, 11:29

Sadiq Khan is quite clear about what Theresa May is getting wrong when it comes to EU citizens and the Brexit negotiations.

With James O'Brien hosting the first edition of Speak to Sadiq in its new slot on the first Thursday of every month, the Mayor of London drew on his own past as he took a call about the Brexit talks.

James asked Khan: "Do you understand why Theresa May won't move quicker to safeguard the future [of EU citizens], I'm sure like me you've been in receipt of communications from people whose entire lives have been thrown into complete turmoil.

"She could act now to address that. Do you understand why she won't?"

The Mayor responded: "Before I was a Member of Parliament I was a lawyer, and I did lots of litigation after we'd negotiate cases and we'd reach a resolution amicably.

"There is a basic premise that people who don't understand how to negotiate think you can't ever expose what your strategy is. I think it's possible to say to our European partners 'Look, we're going to guarantee the rights of EU citizens here. That doesn't mean that we've given them an upper hand."

"So you don't understand why she won't do it?" asked James.

"I think she's making a colossal mistake," answered Sadiq. "These are people we're talking about.

"The uncertainty is traumatic for them.

"I understand why, as a political leader, you want to throw some red meat to your MPs, I understand want to curry favour with certain members of the media.

"But the reality is, you've got to recognise these are people."