Just a day after eco-protesters scaled Rishi Sunak's private house, Nick Ferrari gave his views.

What the hell are the police thinking? Why wasn't Rishi Sunak's house guarded, says Nick Ferrari

Activist Larch Maxey was taped saying that a wave of action outside Parliament had influenced Labour to declare its opposition to new North Sea gas and oil

Gloating Just Stop Oil activists 'recorded boasting of influence over Labour policy' after Parliament Square march

The climate crisis should have been taken into consideration, Decker told LBC

Just Stop Oil activists jailed for scaling Dartford Bridge fail in bid to have sentence slashed

The climate crisis should have been taken into consideration, Decker told LBC

Activists jailed for scaling Dartford Bridge bid to be freed after one says judge didn't take climate into account

Just Stop Oil protests have cost £7.7m for the last 13 weeks

'It's not protest, it's crime': Senior Met cop condemns Just Stop Oil as LBC reveals £7.7m bill to police disruption

Just Stop Oil have carried out 13 weeks of protests in London

Revealed: £7.7 million cost of policing Just Stop Oil’s 13 weeks of protests on the streets of London

The climate activists posted a video of their members attempting to get the loud balloons off of the ceiling - while congratulating their rivals for their "action design".

Just Stop Oil disrupted again as counter-protesters set off alarms hidden in balloons at celebration feast

Oliver Rock, 42, has pleaded not guilty to intent to cause criminal damage

Just Stop Oil protester who said 'going to prison won't stop me' denies filling fire extinguishers with paint

A woman was escorted from the 17th field after attempting to disrupt the Open.

Just Stop Oil strike at The Open as US golfer cheered for helping remove activist

Tom on JSO

'Am I complicit in a Holocaust?' asks Tom Swarbrick, as Just Stop Oil compares oil and gas giants to Nazis

The counter-protest took place in southeast London

'Just Stop P*****g people off!': Counter-protesters surround eco-mob to stop their latest slow march stunt

Just Stop Oil activist Daniel says he feels no ill will for his attacker

'I feel no ill will against him': Just Stop Oil activist beaten up at protest says he hopes police don't investigate

Just Stop Oil protester punched and kicked was the same man who invaded Lord's

Revealed: Just Stop Oil activist carried off Lord's following Ashes invasion punched and kicked during latest protest

A Just Stop Oil climate activist is carried by police after being detained as members of the group marched slowly in Parliament Square ahead of a press conference

Just Stop Oil eco-protesters announce 'legal action' against oil and gas bosses for 'facilitating genocide'

Moment furious motorist throws punch and kicks at Just Stop Oil protester in London street

Moment Just Stop Oil activist is punched to the floor and kicked on the ground after car crash at London protest

Up to 200 Just Stop Oil protesters took to the streets - sparking the anger of London commuters

Met arrest 20 eco-protesters after Just Stop Oil carry out plot to 'paralyse' London with biggest ever slow-march

Just Stop Oil protestors disrupted the Proms on Friday evening

Now Just Stop Oil disrupts the Proms: Protestors blast horns and set off confetti bombs to chorus of boos

Furious mum blasts Just Stop Oil protesters blocking a road as her family fear missing a flight to go on holiday.

'Get a life and get a job': Mum hit by family tragedy slams Just Stop Oil protesters blocking her from reaching airport