Jonny Bairstow posted a picture of the eco-zealots who were blocking his way into Lord's ahead of the beginning of England's Test season

Just Stop Oil delay England's return to Test cricket action - by blocking team vehicles on way to Ireland match

Eco activists blocking up the A4 on Wednesday morning

Police drag eco-protesters off road after they try to block main route into west London in rush hour

Such a move would signal a radical shift in decades of UK energy policy

Labour plans to block new North Sea oil and gas developments as Starmer vows to make UK 'clean energy superpower'

The lambs are reportedly still missing.

Three lambs taken from King's Sandringham Estate 'still missing' as eco activists released on bail

The protest took place on Old Kent Road, central London

'I don't believe that's the case': Just Stop Oil activists refuse to make way for man 'urgently heading to hospital'

A furious Nick Ferrari rebuked the protester

'Oh give me a break!': A furious Nick Ferrari rebukes 'deluded' eco-activist after Chelsea Flower show stunt

Police said the three women had been arrested on suspicion of theft

Animal activists spark fury by taking ‘terrified’ lambs away from their mothers on the King's Sandringham estate

An award-winning landscaper involved in a Chelsea Flower Show garden that was targeted by eco-protesters has branded them "morons" who are "working against their own cause".

'Morons working against their own cause': Landscaper behind garden targeted by eco-activists brands protest 'shameful'

The group said they had "rescued" the lambs from the King's estate

Animal activists brazenly take 'the King's sheep' from Charles' Sandringham estate saying they 'rescued' them

Moment have-a-go hero douses Just Stop Oil protesters at Chelsea Flower Show

Eco-activists hosed down in Chelsea Flower Show stunt - despite RHS 'moving heaven and earth for sustainability'

The man shoving over the woman

Furious passer-by throws female eco-activist to the ground as Met urges public not to intervene with protesters

Suella Braverman's speech was interrupted by a protester

Eco protesters dragged out of conference hall after heckling Suella Braverman during keynote immigration speech

A Just Stop Oil activist compared the group to the Suffragettes

Just Stop Oil activist compares group's actions to the Suffragettes as they carry out another go slow protest in London

The woman confronting the protesters

'Think of the dolphins!', furious mum told as eco-activists block the road while she tries to get son to school

Police pleaded with eco protesters

'You won't move? That's a shame': Eco activists ignore police pleas to get off the road during slow march

It was claimed that the car ran over the protester's foot

Moment furious driver 'runs over foot' of Just Stop Oil protester as group causes more London traffic chaos

The motorist was ignored by the passing officer

'Officer, please help me get to work!': Policeman ignores begging motorist as eco-zealots Just Stop Oil block road

Man receives warning from police officer over trying to move just stop oil protesters.

'If you do that it's a crime': Police warn motorists it's assault if they move Just Stop Oil protesters off road