Just Stop Oil protestors blocked a Birmingham Esso fuel terminal in April last year

'I was moved by your actions', judge tells Just Stop Oil protesters as they avoid jail for raiding Esso oil terminal

Protesters at Just Stop Oil repeatedly brought the M25 to a standstill (Junction 22 not pictured)

Just Stop Oil eco activist spared jail after he whinges M25 stunt ruined his life and harmed relationship with partner

Greta Thunberg was hauled off by officers

Greta Thunberg detained by police during protests over coal mine at German village

Just Stop Oil activists threaten to slash paintings

Just Stop Oil considers slashing famous artworks as eco mob threatens to 'escalate' protests

Just Stop Oil protestors in London

Just Stop Oil: What do they want and who funds it?

Just Stop Oil protesters blocked roads across the capital

Rachael Venables: How I witnessed Just Stop Oil's new tactic and the chaos it caused

Police were filmed walking alongside Just Stop Oil protesters on Monday morning

Hundreds of thousands of police hours spent on Just Stop Oil should've been spent investigating crime, says top Met Cop

Just Stop Oil protesters blocked Shepherd's Bush Green

Eco-mob head to the pub: Police watch on as activists take a break from causing travel chaos to go for a pint

Licypriya Kangujam confronted Zac Goldsmith at Cop27

Zac Goldsmith brands XR 'bullies' in row over 11-year-old activist confronting him at Cop27

Just Stop Oil have paused their M25 protests after four consecutive days

58 people charged after four-day Just Stop Oil protests on M25 which will be 'paused' to urge Government to stop new oil and gas licences

Just Stop Oil is holding up the M25 for a fourth day in a row

Just Stop Oil cause more chaos as they climb M25 gantries for fourth time on Tube strike day

Charlotte Lynch was arrested while covering an M25 eco-protest

Arrest of LBC's Charlotte Lynch at scene of eco-protest 'in retrospect not necessary,' police admit

'Completely wrong for journalists to be arrested': Minister hits out at cops after LBC reporter nicked covering Just Stop Oil

'She shouldn't be arrested for doing her job': Minister blasts cops who nicked LBC reporter covering Just Stop Oil

Just Stop Oil have been causing chaos on the M25 in recent days

'We'll win in the end': Eco activist likens road protests to Suffragettes as he defends blocking M25

Just Stop Oil have climbed M25 gantries in at least seven locations

Nightmare on the M25: Unrepentant eco-activists cause rush hour chaos by blocking motorway for the second day

An eco protester has issued an emotional plea from the top of an M25 gantry

'You'll hate me' teary activist tells motorists as eco zealots grind M25 to a halt

Police will 'bring eco mob to justice', warns Met chief

Police will 'bring eco mob to justice' after causing 'serious disruption' across capital, warns Met cop

"The police have just got to move in and remove them as soon as possible"

Eco-protesters should be 'removed as soon as possible’ says Former Met Commissioner