Eco zealots spark fury during London rush hour with 'slow walk' through capital streets before being moved on

24 April 2023, 09:11 | Updated: 24 April 2023, 11:09

The group says the campaign will be "indefinite" until the UK Government ceases all new oil and gas project funding
The group says the campaign will be "indefinite" until the UK Government ceases all new oil and gas project funding. Picture: Fraser Knight

By Chay Quinn and Fraser Knight

Just Stop Oil blocked several major London streets during rush hour - as part of a renewed disruption campaign by the eco-zealots in which they vowed to repeat the nuisance every day.

The group are marching slowly across the capital, leaving traffic flows crawling as JSO tries to force the Government to stop all new oil and gas projects through a new wave of civil disobedience.

The protests started at 7am and blocked seven major London arteries across Westminster, the West End and south London, causing traffic hell for commuters.

Over 160 activists took on the march, days after co-protestors Extinction Rebellion coordinated with the group to peacefully protest over four-day in action dubbed "The Big One".

LBC's Fraser Knight described the chaos, saying: "Just Stop Oil causing huge issues on central london streets as they walk slowly on the roads - drivers getting very angry and frustrated at being held up with people yelling at them ‘get a job’".

Pia, a mobiliser from Just Stop Oil, told LBC that they are going to be slow marching across the capital every single day for an indefinite period, adding that "compared to the disruption we are going to face in 30-40 years time, when you put that in balance, you know, we are doing this for everyone."

A motorbike rider was seen mounting the pavement to get around this disruption, turning around when he was past the group to flip them a finger in frustration.

The group were announced to have halted their protest at 11am - but have vowed to return tomorrow.

Just Stop Oil protest in central London

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A Just Stop Oil spokesperson said: “Asia is baking in extreme heat, threatening the lives of a third of the people on earth, but this government of criminals and bullies does not care.

"They are actively making it worse, licensing new oil and gas while silencing dissent and jailing those who resist.

“More oil and gas means more heatwaves, more crop failure and more death. It is the greatest criminal act in human history. The government has lost its legitimacy. They are knowingly planning the murder of hundreds of thousands of UK citizens.

“In the face of this obscenity, as an act of service and love, we have chosen to act. Civil resistance is our only hope. This is life or death, survival or collective suicide. It's time to pick a side. We won’t stop until our genocidal government ends new oil and gas.”

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