'Think of the dolphins!', furious mum told as eco-activists block the road while she tries to get son to school

9 May 2023, 15:43 | Updated: 9 May 2023, 15:58

The woman confronting the protesters
The woman confronting the protesters. Picture: Social media

By Kit Heren

A furious mother trying to get her son to school was told to "think of the dolphins" by environmental activists blocking a bus by walking slowly down the road.

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Just Stop Oil activists were walking slowly through Camden in north London on Tuesday morning as police monitored and walked beside them on the street.

The unnamed mother confronted the activists and told them her son was "missing out" because of their actions.

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She said: "You're parents! Come on guys. Move and let the bus go! We got kids on the bus. F**** sake."

"Come on guys. There's kids on the bus that need to go to school - you're parents aren't you?

"My son's going to miss an appointment, he's missing it."

Woman angrily accosts protesters over blocking kids on a bus from getting to school

The mother is then accosted by a nearby member of the public, who appears to support the activists, who tells her to "think of the dolphins that are dying".

Baffled, she responded to this argument by asking "What's animals? Are they human? Please!

The man then said to the activists: "This is why you need to protest, because no one cares about animals".

It comes after Just Stop Oil activists ignored police pleas to move off the road as they continued their slow walking protests on bank holiday Monday.

The eco protesters, who demand an end to new oil and gas licences, blocked up London roads as they demonstrated with their usual orange high-vis jacket and banners.

'You won't move? That's a shame': Eco activists ignore police pleas to get off the road during slow march

Motorists were left waiting for them to get out of the way so they could continue their journey.

Their slow walk is deliberately designed to cause disruption and a police officer was recorded by LBC's reporter Henry Riley imploring them to cooperate as they demonstrated near Marble Arch.

"Is there any way we can accommodate you moving to the side?" he asks.

An activist shakes his head as the officer says: "No? That's a shame.

"We've now got quite a lot of resources invested in this.

"It's a shame to be having to have this conversation when if you were to take ten steps to the left or right cars can flow and we can then walk alongside you."

He continues to be ignored throughout the video and the activists carry on their slow march.