Eco-protesters stormed five offices across London

Eco-zealots storm London's Walkie Talkie building as they march through City over insurance for oil projects

Three Just Stop Oil protesters have been found guilty of aggressive trespass after disrupting a Wimbledon tennis match

Three Just Stop Oil protesters found guilty of aggravated trespass after disrupting Wimbledon tennis matches

Police powers are minimising the effectiveness of protests - with groups like Just Stop Oil now being arrested within just 10 seconds.

Police powers are minimising the effectiveness of protests with eco-groups arrested within seconds

The Just Stop Oil protesters are removed from St Paul's

Just Stop Oil disrupt St Paul's Thanksgiving service with silent protest in front of hundreds of worshippers

The UN raised concern at the sentences handed to Just Stop Oil campaigners

UN slams 'severe' sentences for Just Stop Oil protesters, as Rishi Sunak hits back calling punishments 'entirely right'

Just Stop Oil protesters ‘will die’ for cause and miss seeing children at Christmas as LBC reveals widescale repeat arrests

'Only death will stop us': Eco-protesters say they won't quit as it's revealed one in 10 had already been arrested

A Just Stop Oil protest blocked Waterloo Bridge on Wednesday morning.

‘It's a life-and-death emergency’: Paramedic begs Just Stop Oil activists to clear road after Waterloo Bridge shut down

The Lord Mayor's Show dates back to the 13th century, when King John allowed the ancient City of London to appoint its own Mayor and each newly-elected mayor has been making the same annual journey through the streets for over 800 years.

Uncovered: Secret eco-protesters plot to disrupt historic Lord Mayor's Show on Armistice Day

Two activists were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Just Stop Oil activists smash National Gallery painting famously targeted by suffragette in 1914, as two arrested

Police made multiple arrests as Just Stop Oil targeted Whitehall and the Cenotaph

Just Stop Oil shut down Whitehall: 100 arrested as police drag protesters to the Cenotaph 'for their own safety'

Judge refuses to delay the trial of Just Stop Oil protesters after one of them said she was flying to India

Judge refuses Just Stop Oil protester's plea to postpone trial because she was planning to fly to India

More than 60 protesters were arrested on the group's first day of action

More than 60 arrested after Just Stop Oil protesters bring traffic to standstill in Parliament Square

Members of Just Stop Oil spray the dinosaur skeleton with an orange substance

Just Stop Oil spray orange powder over replica of the world's biggest ever dinosaur at the Natural History Museum

Just Stop Oil vandalised Wellington Arch

Just Stop Oil vandalise 200-year-old Wellington Arch, spraying central London monument with orange paint

Just Stop Oil are turning their focus on Strictly

Just Stop Oil 'targets Strictly as activists plot infiltrating audience' to disrupt programme in front of millions

First asylum seekers reboard Bibby Stockholm after coach driver nudges past Just Stop Oil protest

First asylum seekers reboard Bibby Stockholm after coach driver breaks through Just Stop Oil blockade