Showstopper! Just Stop Oil halt opera performance by setting off confetti bomb and blowing air horn

15 June 2023, 21:27 | Updated: 15 June 2023, 21:30

Protesters halted an opera performance at Glyndebourne on Thursday afternoon
Protesters halted an opera performance at Glyndebourne on Thursday afternoon. Picture: Just Stop Oil
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Just Stop Oil put on a showstopper of a performance at an opera festival on Thursday afternoon, halting the show by setting off a confetti bomb and blowing an air horn.

Three protestors visited Glyndebourne, east Sussex, on Thursday, purchasing tickets for Dialogues des Carmelites.

One hour into the show, the protestors jumped up from their seats, started shouting and let off a confetti bomb.

They also set off an air horn, with the play's actors immediately ushered off the stage.

The protestors were eventually restrained by security and escorted off the premises.

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Writing on social media, Just Stop Oil said: "Three Just Stop Oil supporters briefly interrupted Glyndebourne opera festival with the old news that new oil and gas is incompatible with a liveable future, and that our government want to go ahead with it anyway.

"Glitter canons and air-horns were set off during 'Dialogues des Carmelites', an opera featuring numerous characters condemned to death. Sound familiar? We are running out of time. Take action with Just Stop Oil."

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Figures released by the Metropolitan Police show that Just Stop Oil protests cost the taxpayer £3.5million in four weeks.

The environmental activist group began three months of planned protest activity on April 24, predominantly using a new 'slow marching' tactic.

This tactic sees activists walk slowly along the streets in order to cause major traffic delays, causing severe disruption to the public. Policing the protests have taken officers away from the equivalent of 11,000 shifts.

The protestors were escorted off the premises
The protestors were escorted off the premises. Picture: JSO

A spokesperson for Glyndebourne said: "We are very sorry to everyone whose visit to Glyndebourne was affected by the protest action today.

"Our highest priority was the safety and security of everyone on site and we would like to thank our staff and performers, whose calm and professional response kept everyone safe and disruption to a minimum.

"At approximately 5.31pm, today’s performance of Poulenc’s Dialogues des Carmélites was disrupted by three protestors who let off a confetti bomb, blew an air horn and started shouting.

"The stage was immediately cleared and within less than a minute ushers had peacefully escorted the protesters from the theatre.

"The audience remained inside the theatre and were provided with regular updates and, following a 21 minute delay, the opera restarted at approximately 5.52pm.

"We have formally reported the incident to the police but the police were not on site and no arrests were made."