Woman Running For Bus Gets Hit By Motorbike… But Is Miraculously Unhurt

24 January 2019, 13:17

A woman was hit by a motorbike as she ran to catch a London bus… but miraculously walked away uninjured.

Shocking head-cam shows the moment the young woman dashed across a crossing, despite the traffic lights remaining on green.

The biker was left with little time to react and smashed into the pedestrian, sending her flying across the road.

Woman also hit by motorbike
Picture: @Aussiedax / Twitter

Incredibly the pair were not hurt and the woman instantly picked herself up and headed heading off.

In disbelief, the motorcyclist could be heard saying: “You’re kidding?”

But continuing to walk away, the woman said she needed to “run for the bus”.

The video has racked up tens of thousands of views after it was uploaded to social media earlier this week under the title "Pedestrian 0, me also 0”.

Woman hit by motorbike
Picture: @Aussiedax / Twitter

The biker wrote: “Bike didn't suffer much damage other than some bar and engine cover scratches.

"Lady just hopped on the next bus she could and didn't give details."