Ben Kentish wonders what Keir Starmer would do on day one if he enters Number 10

25 July 2022, 21:54 | Updated: 25 July 2022, 22:03

By Sam Sholli

Ben Kentish doesn't know what Keir Starmer's plan is for day one if he enters Number 10.

His words have come after the Labour leader delivered a speech in Liverpool today to outline his party's plan for economic growth.

In the speech, the Labour leader said: "A strong national economy needs everyone making the best contribution they can - whatever their circumstances, wherever they live.

"But in exchange we must make sure the contribution working people make to that national effort is fairly rewarded, that hard work does pay, that their effort is respected, that they enjoy the security they need to get on.

"To do all that we need three things: Growth, growth and growth."

Speaking about Keir Starmer and the Labour Party, Ben said: "I'm not sure most people listening to this have a clue what Keir Starmer would do in government

"What is his big policy? When you think of Keir Starmer, what would he do the day he enters Number 10?

"What's the plan? I don't know.

"I spend my days in Westminster talking to people in the shadow cabinet. I don't know. Half of them don't know."