David Mellor: The EU As We Know It Is Finished

20 September 2016, 08:53

David Mellor told LBC that the Brexit vote will lead to the heads of the EU being overthrown.

The former Cabinet Minister believes the EU will definitely compromise on a trade deal with Britain, as it would hurt them not to.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, he said: "One statistic stares out from the Mail piece and that is that in July, we sold to the EU £12billion worth of goods. How much do you think they sold to us? £20billion.

"And that is consistent. For every £6 worth of goods, we sell to them they sell £10 to us. And so I don't see how it's in their interest actually to not to do a deal with us.

"You know if you and I are confederation of German car makers and we're sitting wherever German car makers sit scratching their arses and thinking what's going on here, someone's going to point out the Germans own more than 50% of the car making capacity in the UK. And they additionally sell us 800,000 vehicles a year.

"Are they really going to stop that?"

Mr Mellor predicted that Britain leaving the European Union could spell the end for the leaders in Germany and France.

He added: "The Brexit vote is the beginning of a process. We may see the two major leaders in Europe overthrown and overthrown by not very palatable people.

"Remember, Mrs Merkel, in her own home state, was driven into third place by the Alternative For Germany.

"And then you've got a situation where it was a noble thing to think bringing in Eastern European countries which have no real economic links in the prosperity levels- everything is very different- was going to work for the EU.

"But it now seems as though, not just with us, but with lots of other circumstances, what those Eastern European countries want is inconsistent with the rest. And I think this Brexit vote is the beginning of a major change in the EU.

"They don't see it yet, but they will."